We believe that when you immerse paramount education from expert makeup artists with the delights of an intercultural destination workshop you are rewarded with training at the highest level.

Our goal is to help you develop new skills, expose hidden talents, and build new allies.

This is your interactive technical training in advanced makeup.

When you participate in The Global MUA Loft training you are accepting the challenge to raise the bar. We want you to have the ability to compete and prosper.

We will present innovative concepts and traditional ideas in a contiguous and related way using new sources and familiar ideas.

We don’t do boring. As we were designing The Global MUA Loft we knew that it would involve several multifaceted individuals.

It is our social mission to encourage you to make room for the nontraditional as you are creating your career plan. We took careful measures to ensure that the benefits of your experience included the history and culture of the community.

From walking the Caminito del Rey in Ardales to a guided Boat tour from Malaga Port.

You will have amazing meals prepared by the locals every day for one week.

Don’t worry, we will take care of you.


We bring to you the following:

  1. VIRTUAL MENTORING through video conferencing, virtual 1-on-1 trainings, and community groups.
  2. PRODUCT EVALUATION by professional makeup artists, who can share with you their experiences and knowledge of different products.
  3. On Location MAKEUP ARTISTS CLASSES ABROAD in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.