Terri Tomlinson

Terri Tomlinson re-invented The Wheel!
Terri Tomlinson is a working makeup artist, global educator and owner of Terri
Tomlinson Makeup Training Academy. She is also the creator of The Flesh Tone Color
WheelTM. Her 30 year career spans both retail cosmetic and production in all aspects of the
beauty industry. She acts as an pn-air beauty expert and eduction presenter for brands.
As an artist Terri is known for clean beauty and camera-ready makeup. She works in all
mediums including print photography, video, film, Television, and runway. Clients include
American Airlines, Pepsi, Verizon, Ford Motor Company, and AT&T.

In 2010 Terri opened Terri Tomlinson Makeup Training Academy (TTMTA) offering
classes and workshops to new and existing artists. Covering all aspects of the industry from technique to creating a business, Terri offers each of her students a hands-on and personal approach to makeup artistry.
In 2017 Terri created The Flesh Tone Color WheelTM, a creative teaching tool for anyone who works with skin. As an essential guide to tone, color and correction this one-of-a-

kind wheel is revolutionizing the way makeup artists work with color. Working with The Flesh

Tone Color WheelTM has led Terri to create a method of working color theory in flesh tone.

This method allows artists to actively use color theory in all of their decisions. It both simplifies
and deepens the artist experience.
As a beauty expert and someone who is “obsessed with color theory”, Terri works with
brands on color theory and understanding color in skin and makeup. Terri also travels
internationally teaching her method of working color theory in flesh tone to makeup artists
and schools. She is currently creating a color theory in flesh tone program for schools.
Her mission it to create a color revolution!