Synthe of Syntheonline

Award-winning airbrush makeup artist, Synthe, has over 15 active years of cosmetic service. Synthe’s comprehensive knowledge of airbrush makeup and ability to teach others authoritatively have made her a leader in her field. On a mission to inspire makeup artists to reach their goal destination, this internationally recognized pioneer is actively involved in educational boot camps, workshops, seminars and conferences around the globe. Synthe’s discipline includes airbrush makeup, color theory, special makeup effects, body painting, beauty fantasy, and film and TV.

Capable of creating any look imaginable, Synthe’s services are unlimited. She listens to your ideas, interprets them and then brings your imagination to fruition by illustrating her unbelievable talent of combining the conventional with the innovative techniques of cosmetic application.Whether it’s airbrushing flawless makeup for your special day, applying temporary tattoos or body painting for your spectacular event, Synthe’s a must have for all occasions.

Her experience began while working with the public through leading retail cosmetic companies.

Though she left retail for corporate America, she continued her career as a free-lance makeup Artist.

In June of 2003 before air brushing makeup, Synthe began body painting.After receiving many requests from beauty professionals who wanted to learn innovative techniques, she expanded to the instructional side of this art. The Vicenza, Italy born artist is passionate for details while illustrating areas of expertise in makeup
application and skin care. Committed to serving individuals in the beauty profession, she shares information that will help makeup artists grow their business with cutting edge applications.

Because her career is a continuing progress, her list of accomplishments is ongoing.